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Please stop spamming that URL in every post you make. :-/

I only pay five cents with AdWords and it does pretty well for me. Go after the smaller keywords, but lots of them. Take the time to set up a good AdWords campaign and it will do wonders. Plus, I think AdWords is running a promotion right now where they'll give you a free campaign optimization.


guess what danni , i've spend more than 1200 bucks on google already but i didnt got as much signups and stuff as i did expected, i was recently bidding on some keywords like ' advertise ' , ' search engine ' , ' ppc ' and the minimum bid to show on 1st and 2nd page is not less than a $1 and even if u drop it to .25 or so it'll give u an alert that you need to raise the minimum bid !


Yeah ... words like 'search engine' and 'ppc' are VERY competitive terms. Try something like 'buy ppc click' and more niche terms.


I think it is better to find some web sits that will deliver traffic on monthly based campaigns. CPM advertisng does not guarantee you'll receive traffic and the client is always wrong "because of the banners" or something.
just find web sites that can deliver a good amount of targeted traffic for less.


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