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I created a new Facebook ad for one of my client's. It's a great ad and has a $20 credit per day. However, we haven't recieved even one like so far and it has been running for 3 days. Is there something im missing? or a diffrent way to boost the ad. Help me out if you can. Thanks!

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I't good ,

There is so many techneques to increase the facebook likes , you can create some intersting fb app ,So that you will get more likes on your page .

Try ManageFB - - system, I think it is free

You only think it is free? I would have thought, considering that in your community intro here on DaniWeb you say that you are "engaged in promoting system, project in which we are actively working the last 6 months", you would have known how much it costs.

Seriously, if you are going to promote something here then declare your interest, and at the very least don't try to make out that you are just a happy user...

Your fb ads don't get any likes because it's not relevant to the people that get to see your ads. They need to be interested in your fb page and it's services.

There may be many reasons that your ad didnt recieve single click.

  • Wrongly targeted ads.
  • Not enough impression.
  • Not effective ad copies / images.

Apart from this, I would suggest you to update your Facebook Cover pages and post content on pages regularly.

First Identify your Business then analyze your clients.

after this apply all the filters to reach exact client for your business.

Have you properly targeted your audience? Is you fb page diverse and regularly updated with different content: images, videos, relevant content, infographics?
Is your client's business niche specific enough?

If you want to increase your add like promote your add as many times as you can.


When I run an ad on Facebook, I am not as worried about likes as I am about the ad producing sales. My ad did not produced likes, but it produced sales, so I am happy with the results.

And yes, you have to target the right people as much as possible. If not, you are only throwing money down the drain.

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