I don't need a Rolex - real or fake. A Rolodex would be much more useful to me.

Yet the one kind of spam my spam filters never remove is offers for real or replica Rolex watches. I have absolutely no need of either. But they seem to have ways to get around the filtering. Pharmacy sites also get through too often, but not nearly as often as ads for fake watches.

How do I tell them that I have absolutely NO interest in owning a watch of any kind?

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Email is incredibly inexpensive to send. It ranges from free to just a few pennies per email that gets legitimately sent out. Additionally, it doesn't often make sense to spend extra money super targeting your email list because email open rates tend to be lower and lower nowadays as every email has to compete against a huge, vast inbox. It often makes the best sense to simply cast a wide net.

That being said, it IS in the best interests of list owners to maintain a clean list. Lists full of bounced emails and people who would constantly flag the email as spam to their ISPs reduces the cost of a sponsorship.

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