Hi, I have a problem with my browser. Well, this morning it actually worked fine, I was able to surf online shops but a moment later when I tried opening my yahoo mail, it says that webpage is not available. So I tried opening youtube and other sites, same thing happened. I check my internet connection but it works fine. Signal is great and my torrents are still downloading. My skype is even on. I've been trying to figure this out for 3 hours but I don't exactly know what to do since I don't have much ideas when it comes to technical stuff. Hope someone could help me. I use google chrome btw. I tried opening IE and same thing happens. My IE is very slowww so I don't usually use it.

Are you still connected to a DNS server? Can you browse the web from another computer?

Open up Command Prompt and perform a traceroute, try pinging the DNS server and see if it is responding, and try performing a NSLookup. That should tell you at which point the packets are gettings lost and if they reach the destination host.

I just figured out that same thing happens to my tab and my moms laptop. Firefox works fine but Google Chrome and IE doesn't.

Try clearing out the browser cache?

As it is working in one browser, it is unlikely to be a DNS issue (unless you have set Firefox to use a seperate DNS server?)

Firefox would use whatever DNS is set on the system.

To test DNS, use this from command line:


Do you get an IP in response. If you do then it's ok. IF you get a timeout or error, then you need to check the DNS entries on your machine or on the DHCP server (the router most likely).

Check each browser and see of you have a proxy set that shouldn't be there, or if you need a proxy address that is missing. This you need to determine since I don't know your network.

From a command line, can you telnet to a web server...


If you get a timeout, there's a problem with outbound port 80, if you don't, then there is no network issue and it's some browser or other local software/malware issue.

Try stopping your torrents for a while, see if that cures your problem!