Twitter is one of the most popular social networking sites. Twitter is a useful platform for increasing web traffic, because it is a link-based service. Many links should lead the reader right to your website. There are some guidelines to achieving success with guiding Twitter users to your website, including many subtle approaches to web promotion. can you tell me how to use Twitter to increase web traffic.


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First off make it sound appealing. Second tweet about it but in subtle way.

Yeah but some people don't know the actual reason why people buy twitter followers. They do it to increase their follow ratio which allows them to follow an unlimited amount of people in their niche without getting banned!

So they increase their Twitter Presence everyday! I know someone who is doing that and he has over 100,000 Followers right now (real ones)

I think he bought his followers on you can get 10,000 followers fro $27 or something there.

Also people buy follower intitially to make reupation .Later they get real followers based on that.

Followers are the source of geting traffic for the site. thats why we need it.

Firstly the main moto is to increase the followers so that it directly led to drive more traffic and to build the business as well as the reputation

Twitter might be one good option to promote any business

twitter have tons of traffic and you can promote your site in twitter in the best way

This is interesting! I have oodles of new followers which I cannot follow back because twitter is holding me on a "plateau" and does not allow me to follow new people. You mean to tell me that if I buy more followers I would be liberated in order to be able to follow those legitimate people who want me to follow them back? Wow, that's amazing!

twitter follwers are the best source to get instant traffic and also creating follwers on twitter tough

People buy followers to show their business stratagy with huge followers list. We don't get expected traffic from these followers list.

More followers increase more traffic so increase followers.

Because they want to show other peoples that; those number of peoples follow them.

Buying the twitter followers is only for increasing their reputation in the eyes of the visitor. And, I guess you also know that a page having larger numbers of followers may get more followers but if that page has only 2 -3 followers it might not get influenced by the visitor.

Buying followers only helps if you are regual with your content.

There is no substitute for orginal content you post.

Here are few tip that helped me..

  1. Be True to what you share.

  2. Use proper hashtags

  3. Tweet like a pro
    Tweeting should not be a one time thing . Be relavant to the context. Interact with others who reply to your tweet.

    I belive people buy followers for the numbers .Yes i belive so .

    People are more likely to subscriber you if you have comparately more subscribers than other .
    Its basic human nature.

    I would recommend buying follwers at regular interval from say . It should be in parallel with the regualar content you post.

    There are few SMM that provide this but i prefer socialrankpro for its timely delivery and 24x7 support and have Tiktok, Facebook ,instagram services too. They also have live chat support.

    Just google the keyword socialrankpro to check if its right for you.

I am totrally against buying followers because they are all fake and all we need to gorw on social media is engagement which these followers do not provide us with.

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