If your website is new than submit it's urls to bookmark option of google and this will help your page to get indexed and cached soon.

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yes this is the good idea to get the backlinks from the google

yes this is is really effective idea and it works. Thank YOu.

No need to submit your website to Google. It will automatically crawls your site. If you want it in emergency you can submit links through Google Webmaster Tools.

commented: hi i do agree with you..in google webmaster we can add the url through fetch option to index quickly +0

Dotspiders u r Wright

SEO is the best thing to promote your website. You can write an article and then offer it for free to various websites, blogs. Social media is also a great place to promote your website.

Thank your ideaa is very helpful.
Seo Product

Submit your site links tyo those sityes that are regularly or frequently crawling. In this way your website will also get crawled...

Hello everybody
promte your web site through social networking sites and do try to use white hat seo techniques.

Thanks for the information are share to all......

don't forget to submit sitemap

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