Are you using phpbb?

no im using vbulletin

- the revenue is very very low to zero
- and the most important i got many invalid clicks

Yeah. This is true. It's your luck if you can get better income in revenue sharing forum.

Never thought about it to be honest, even though I suppose it would benefit in the long run.

oh yea just put my adsense code in digitalpoint forum god my daily revenue from DP is around $7 this works

Hey! I'm quite interested on your DP earnings..Can you further explain how it works? How do you put your adsense code at DP. Can you make a detailed instructions please..just interested. thanks

yes,i have earned a few dllors a week from revenue sharing on digital point forums!

thx this helped alot

commented: just another sig spammer -6

these days many social media websites are revenue sharing. SNIP

nothing illegal in revenue sharing forums, digitalpoint forums is the sample, hubpages also allows revenue sharing program in their hub business, so that is nothing prohibits here, the only problem is to recruit as many member to contribute high quality content and quality visitor, this is what determine revenue sharing program works or fails

interesting! Never looked into this! Thanx for tip :)

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