I have an independent film website that I am continuously improving to make the experience for the users better. So initially starting this websites, I thought that having great content would bring in a lot of organic traffic. After a few months, that's not the case. I get a great amount of traffic through paid campaigns, but would like to find new ways of driving organic and returning traffic. What are your suggestions? The link is in my footer (Directors Live).

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Yes, you are true but the wheel of traffic comes from backlinks.
Quality Content + Quality Backlinks = Traffic + PR

No matter how good your content is, when your website is new, you still need to generate some traffic yourself, via backlinks or other advertising. You also need content that people will want to link to themselves (information that your visitors are looking for) so your link profile doesn't look like you promoted your site all by yourself which can result in a filter being applied by Google.

Quality Content + Quality Backlinks (including referrer links) = Traffic + increased keyword Rank.

PR has very little value now.

Thanks for the feedback. I definitely think that backlinks are a huge part of getting organic traffic. I have been tracking our sites through SEOMoz.org and have seen that a lot of our competition has a lot of backlinks to their website. I will definitely dig deeper into figuring out how to get quality backlinks to my sites in order to improve our keyword rankings and our organic traffic. Thanks for your feedback.

Great quality content help us to get more traffic. As we provide unique information to our visitors then for knowing new and new every day people visit our site and this way by providing best information we will get more traffic.

Quality content comes with good SEO. There are lots of things needed enable to come up with great content. And as you go along, website traffic and promotions are next in line.

Quality content is important for every website but to make it visible in search engine and get traffic link building is important. Link building will bring traffic, improves ranking and also gets backlinks for the website.

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