I have read many topic about live chat where had been described benefits of live chat. I want to know that one thing is website's traffic can be increased by using live chat app? Please share experience live chat users.

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Live chat creates a sense of community and makes websites appear more personnel. It's all fine and dandy to be able to send a support mail, but having the opportunity to chat to an expert, and recieve realtime feedback is of tremendous value.

People have come to expect fast results, and live chat support provides a channel for that. Why do I want to send an email that's going to sit in an inbox somewhere and wait for possibly hours, or even days, without me knowing what's going on? Live chat is almost like a phone call, but without placing people on the actual telephone, and you'd be surprised how many people are afraid of using the phone!

Adding live chat options also provide an incentive to visit the website, and, let's face it, people are lazy, so a lot of live chat support is redirecting people to knowledgebase links they could have found themselves, but were too lazy to search for.

Live chat also provides an opportunity to gather information and trends from users, without them even knowing that you are keeping track of who finds some explanation on your site difficult to understand. Do not underestimate the power of communication - just providing a support site doesn't allow a two-way flow of communication.

Thanks Ewald to such great reply and I liked it. Have anybody used live chat? please share, I would like to add live chat feature on my website.

I have some clients that use http://www.jivosite.com/ - it might be a good place to start looking.

I'm also sure Dani can give you pointers, she's built a nice chat system for this site!

Live chat provides benefits to many different types of websites. Online businesses will benefit dramatically from using live chat to get their clients service and support more quickly. Personal or niche sites can benefit from live chat in that it brings a higher level of engagment to its users.

DaniWeb incorporated a live chat feature a couple of months ago, and I certainly don't regret it. It's a great opportunity to engage with people in a more laid-back setting, and also with a bit more instant gratification. I think you definitely learn 100X more about a person over the course of a 5 minute chat than from 5+ years of back and forth on public forums.

Something that we've started recently is doing scheduled chats about a particular topic, and this has definitely increased traffic to the site as a whole I've found. It's also brought back some old faces who haven't been active on the site recently by giving them a reason to come back.

Historically, we were the tech support site that you came to only if you had a question. Live chat is helping us to grow in the direction of come for the answers, stay for the community.

Another chat solution to check out is http://about.jabbr.net/

live chat is the best service in which you can get the best efforts for your site for making the customer

Live chat help in conversion. if user want something to buy and searching. He/She ask directly to chat. So chat help those website who are getting much traffic.

I tried many different online consultants, stopped at live chat. Just like you are looking for a live chat for yourself, so I searched in various forums. I suggested the perfect solution LemurHope that helped you.

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