I am planning to setup a website but need flash movies. So I was thinking of perhaps paying for a developer to develop some flash moves and a viewer but have no idea how much it will cost. Does anybody know how much it would cost for each of the following:

  • a decent flash player with customisable colours via html parameters.
  • a 1 minute, 20 second flash move with very basic graphics and sound. The graphics, sound & programming will need to be made by the developer.

So please share how much it would cost for each of the above so I know what price range the project is worth.

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Hi, it depends which company you go with. I have a flash website and I pay 500 for the design and upkeep then 30 a year for web hosting.

yeah..its depend upon the company you choose..it is varient from comapny to company..

You can get a rough idea from developers if you post your requirement in a freelancer site.

I checked some programers that I will not mention who and they quoted $950 USD just for the player. I think I will need to do a lot of browsing to find a programmer that can do it for around a third that due to the fact of when converting it to australian dollars. But for now I'll just need to keep on scanning the web for a freelancer see if they can offer a lower price.

For the Flash player, you might want to start off by uploading your movie to YouTube and then, with a Google AdSsense account, using the AdSense/YouTube integration. Not only will you get a free Flash player, but you'll make a little bit of money each time someone sees your movie. Not only that, but YouTube is a good form of viral marketing to help get your website off the ground and spark interest.

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