Hello there, I am currently looking for ways to promote my new website, its called e-chat. The address is :

Its about chatting with people on one-to-many basis on various topics, and also on one-to-one basis. So far ive shown it to about 100 people over the course of development and had 50 (half!) of them coming back eventually. They would not, however, come back third, or fourth time, because there is no people on it.

I struggle to capture the larger portion of the audience to really get it going.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!


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But there's no real purpose to it is there? I realize that there can be but I personally don't go to a site unless I have a need/desire to do so. Twitter, in my opinion, is as good a place as any to just go and chat with someone about random somethings.

I think that if you want to be successful at this you have to have something to draw people to your site. Just, "come chat about anything" may be a little too vague nowadays.

My 2 pennies.

It's better that initially you involve your friends and ask them to get there friends on board.
Such site's are nowadays more preffered by youths so it's better that you promote your site in schools and colleges.
You can offer some gifts to those who sign up.
You can use guerrilla/ Road show marketing techniques to draw attention of the common public.

Good luck....

Dear all,

Thank you for your feedback,

Yes, thats a very good question, there is nothing 'special' about the website, anyway people tend to join and enjoy themselves with others.

If you have any more suggestions, please let me know!

Thank you, Michael.

I think a really great method is to send people your skype id. This is a great way to get personal and to get the "off of the public site". Similar to the one on one method mentioned above... The skype method works great if you can follow up with your potential customer.

I suggest you creat an FB page and invite your friends first. Or google plus will do too.

Try posting some Images on the front page to build trust. Make your front page more interesting soon you will see many will follow....

First of all, you create a Blog and update it daily with new contents related to your niche. This will help you to get Organic traffic, but don't forget to write unique quality content. After this, you can start with promoting your site in forums, Social sites to get direct traffic from there.

I used your chat, but only very fews users are avail and they too not responding. Please make your site more popular


Thanks for the feedback, we are working on getting as many users as possible. Please tell us if you would like to use the page if there were more users on it, and how we can further improve the service.

Thanks :-)

You might want to look into artificial intelligence bots that are funny to talk to. It might entertain people who are in the room by themselves long enough for other people to join in.

Dear Forum,

It turns out that promoting a 'chat hub' is a very difficult task. Hence we've built a widget which can be embedded on other websites. Please refer to www.e-chat.co/widget.jsp for instructions on how to do that.

Now the tricky part is to actually have website owners embed the widget, especially when we are hitting about 10 people a day, which is not much (but the ones using it are in love with e-chat :-) ).

Any thoughts on that? We believe that by leveraging existing traffic from many websites simultaneously we can get people to use e-chat in no time.

Remember, People loving our products is the priority for e-chat, its not a 'yet another money making machine'.

As for AI bots, they are very difficult to program, even though they would provide moderate value for E-Chat.


Great website for chatting.
Keep it up.
Only few lucky people get to promote their website at "Daniweb".

Dear Everyone,

We've recently built the abuility to create your own chatrooms and take responsibility for it (you can ban people, set chatroom password, and other utilities).

Where would we go about promoting it? We thought about aiming specific groups of people which would greatly benefit from our tools :-) E.G. World of warcraft guilds etc.

Give us your thoughts on that, and remember we want to build great and sustainable products rather than 'make lots of cash so we can go to bahamas' sort of stuff.


E-Chat team.

I loved the concept of creating a chat website for all the users. But you need to work on traffic, so your website will be visible for particular keywords and also get high amount of traffic to your website. Mention your contact details on your website, So you will get direct details of the property.

This problem is till you don't get trafiic on your website and for traffic you can take help of your friends to join and your friends of friends also. once you get traffic to your site it will start spreading automatically.

you got a great site dude i suggest a mobile app would get you more members faster

dear first you have to know the value of the website how much you site is better then you can make the seo then the second step is smo

Dear all,

I've officially launched the website about 5 weeks ago and got about 7k registered accounts on it, and only about 10% of these ever come back again, which is poor.

The problem is that at any given time there is only 15 people online.

Any clue what can I do to boost it up? Im not really interested in moneyary gain, I just want to make a nice chatroom service for everybody and I really get impatient with the whole situation.

Let me know your thoughts, thanks!

You have a very, very competitive market. FB and other sites, not only that have chats, but you can chat with people you know.
You might consider an exit plan for this.

The problem you are facing because of some reasons that there is nothing special in the website. If you want traffic to your website firstly put some interesting features to your website and ask your friends and friends of friend to join it. After that you have to do good seo of your website and then do smo for it.

You can promote on social media website like facebook, linkedin twitter. Also you can do social bookmarking, article submission, press release.

Hi MichaelElve,

I saw your website and i found some drawbacks which you should modify to get attraction:

1.Main signup page is very simple, not attracted. Better if you add some images of real users.

2.There is only option to login is to Sign up, no any alternate like sign via facbook or anything. Usually people don't want to signup in new site. Its quit boring so you should think over it.

3.Very important, Go for SEO and try to get better page rank to make reputation on market.Without advertisement its very hard to come on front now a days.

Thank you.

Hi ,

I think following ideas can get attraction on your site:

1.If you add some images of real users on main page.

2.Usually people don't want to signup in new site. Its quit boring so you should think over it and provite alternate signup options like via facebook or any.

3.Very important, Go for SEO and try to get better page rank to make reputation on market.Without advertisement its very hard to come on front now a days.

Thank you.

you have to add music or live radio to your site. So many users will stay there for long.

It will work and beome popular, hope for the best.

Hey there!

Thanks for your replies. I will add facebook/google/twitter login soon, so higher percentage of users should join per visit, at the moment its about 50% of the entire visits number.

I have had some health issues so I've not been developing e-chat actively. This has changed however, and am working on it full time again :-)

Cheers, Michael.

make the backlinks of your site on the forum and start the social networking then you can drive the traffic

Here is a small suggestion. Make the site responsive.


Would you please tell me what do you mean by making the site responsive?

Pardon my ignorance, but this is the first web application I am building so :)

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