I have a college assignment where I'm told to create a chat room client server application. However one of the questions is "What are the networking and operating system requirements for chat room application?". And I'm stuck there, I did some research from google and books but quite can't get it. So this is my last resort, asking directly on this web site, and hopefully someone can enlighten me on this.

I just don't have any idea where to start, what "requirement" does the assignment mean? is it a simple answer of that it should support TCP/IP with Port blablabla opens? Meh, that doesn't sound convincing. If possible can someone please give me any direction on how to answer this.

Thank You.

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I am not sure if I will get this right but here is what I believe they are trying to get you to consider. If you wanted to run a chat room on the internet what would you have to have as far as a system:

  1. Network: Fixed location on the internet via DNS and preferrably a fix IP address.
  2. Network: Enough bandwidth to handle multiple chats with multiple chat rooms.
  3. OS: Enough drive space to allow storage and chat session information.
  4. Network: Security for the system and protection from hackers(firewall).
  5. OS: Powerfull enogh server to handle multiple chats.
  6. OS: Chat web site or interface for clients.
  7. OS: Security for the chats and registration protection like captcha.
  8. Network: Port to run chat on.
  9. OS: Database to hold user infor, chats and logs.

Again I may have the wrong idea and I amy not be specific enough on the answers but this may get you started.

Hello!, Thank you for the reply, what you said is enough to shed some light on how to tackle this assignment. I will research further, thank you again. It really means a lot to me! :)

Hi. the last month, i had a chatRoom project in college. I built the chatRoom application on java, using the rmi method. my requirement were:
- 2 laptops (windows 7)
- eclipse kelper for programming
- a cable to connect the two computers

and now my project is to redevelop the chatRoom application so it can runs on different os and the server should be in c++ language and the client in java.
What i know that i have to work on something called Corba to complete my project.
I hope these information help in something.

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