Hi all
I am making a website. I want to use linkshare on my website so that all the publishers registered with linkshare are listed on my website.
Any suggestions?
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I'm sorry, I'm confused by your question. Is this something that Linkshare offers (the ability to see all of the publishers registered)?

i think he wants to share links of his website am i right?

Linkshare is an affiliate network, and I think that he wants to showcase all of the affiliates who signed up under him on his site. Either way, it is not doing anyone any good just sitting here speculating. Let's wait for him to come back and explain himself. :)

Yes exactly @dani you got me right :)

The only way to do this is if LinkShare lets you do it. Do they have an API? Do they even tell you who the affiliates are when you login to their system?

try the lick exchange this is the best offer in which you can find the better rankings and traffic

If you have an account on facebook (Obvoiusly I am sure you have) website then please go through developer tag on facebook... which is at footer... after that search a query... what you want to share or like tag on your website.
In javascript tag they suggested few code which we need to copy paste on website right after <body> tag of html.. all the best

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