Banners, placed on the right position and just the right width and height can easily be one of the most influential adverts on your website. Flash banners can make or break your website, depending on the crowd visiting. A beautifully designed flash banner with smooth motion sequences, carefully planned text positions and titles can visually attract a visitor to remain on your website. Here are some of the best interactive flash banners that you can find on the web. Many of them can be easily implemented on a website. All of the flash banners can be bought online but they can also serve as an inspiration either for your flash banner design or for something else.The following are the points to consider when choosing the best flash banners for your website.

1 | Flash banner with smooth text animation
2 | Flash Banner Creator and Rotator
3 | Smart Banner - XML - Based Banner Rotator
4 | Banner rotator with Auto Delay Time
5 | AS3 XML Creative Banner Rotator
6 | AS2 XML Banner Rotator
7 | BLADES - XML Banner Rotator
8 | Ultimate Banner Rotator Extended with Ken Burns
9 | XML Banner Rotator V3 with Menu Navigation
10 | Banner Rotator with Scrolling Menu AS3

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Thanks for sharing some technique but it would be helpful if there is an example on how it looks like or tutorial.

I haven't touch adobe flash for a while.

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