I haven't used Twitter but keep seeing it mentioned in the social media community.

And a couple weeks ago, I attended a short course in which Twitter was mentioned as a tool for job hunting (in addition to LinkedIn).

So now I am considering creating an account and trying it out.

But first I have several questions:

How is Twitter any different from simply emailing a person, or getting their Facebook updates (you still have to connect with those contacts beforehand)?

Even if I was the first person to discover something interesting (e.g. - Russian tanks in my backyard coming to liberate Quebec from Canadian oppression), and wanted to let the world know about it by tweeting, if I don't have any followers, would anybody hear me?

For the purposes of job hunting, how is it used? Do I have to individually follow each company I want to work for? (Seems like more work than just going to a big job board like monster where jobs from many companies are listed.)

Are there any SEO benefits to using Twitter? Assuming you have a link to your web site in your Profile, most of your contacts probably already know about it, so where would the SEO benefits come from? Assuming you are not sending out a link to your website with every tweet, how can it be used to increase traffic to your site?

I am learning about social media as a form of jobhunting as part of my degree in IT Management/computing. You could create a LinkedIn account and then link your Twitter account to the LinkedIn account. I say on my Twitter account that I am a student studying computers and get lots of "followers" from that information. In your details/discription you could list what jobs you are looking for or what skills you have. Recuiters will find you. LinkedIn is both a way for you to seach for jobs and for companies to find you. Both Twitter and LinkedIn are great for networking and as they are both public accounts they are ideal for job hunting where as Facebook is more personal for keeping in contact with family and friends.

Hope that helps.

Twitter is the social networking site which have 10 page rank and have huge traffic. There are lots of accomplishment reports and circumstance scientific studies that record your accomplishment businesses also have as a result of Tweets.
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@Amol555 your post helped me to get some ideas.

  1. Twitter Lets You Do In A Day What Would Take A Lifetime
  2. Twitter Gives EVERYONE And Anyone A Support Network
  3. Twitter Lets You See What The WHOLE World Is Thinking & Doing
  4. Twitter Gives You An Outlet Like No Other
  5. Why You Should Start Your Own Anonymous Twitter Account For Fun

The main purpose of using twitter, linkedin or facebook, any social media is for bring traffic to a website and to get more visibility.

Wrong. Wrong. Wrong.

Funnily enough, the main purpose of any social media is to bring users together in order to share information, communicate with each other, build friendships. The clue can be found in the name.