I am in the process of creating a website. What I have created, I believe is totally new to the internet and if used correctly, will provide the user with something new and different from what is currently on the web. I have discussed the idea with a few people that are quite close to me and they also agree that the idea is great.

However, I am having some hurdles. I haven't reached them yet, but I know I will. Getting it out there to the public... As this is somewhat a brand new idea, I am not sure how to target the audience. For example, I don't think SEO will be able to help me because users would never directly search for it. They would always be thinking, "I wish there was a service out there that would let me..." but I can't think on how to sum it up for a search engine. However, if they were to visit the site, they would most likely stay and use it (in my opinion at least).

I am considering making advertisements and placing them on Facebook and the like, but I can't see this really leading to anything (or is Facebook a good place to advertise?). I have also considered venturing onto Getafreelancer and paying someone on there $75 to do it all for me. I would just hope they don't use botnets and spam to achieve the hits. Has anyone got any experience or advice about these paid services?

Can anyone help me?

Thank-you, nodnil.

It's hard to recommend the best way to advertise since you haven't disclosed any information about the service or who the target audience is. SEO can NEVER hurt. No matter what it is, there is always a way to get traffic for free through SEO. It's just a matter of perhaps being a bit creative with the keywords you are targeting.

Facebook and Google AdWords are also good options. Paying someone to promote your site for you is never a good idea when first starting out. YOU need to take the time to figure out what works and what doesn't. In my opinion, it's silly to give someone else extra money to set up a Facebook Ads or Google AdWords account and spend your money before even you know what the best strategy is. They'll probably end up just spending your money unwisely.

I'm not trying to say anything negative about SEOs, because many of them make a living at knowing the best techniques and strategies for AdWords, and can establish much more efficient and productive campaigns than people may be able to do themselves. However, I would hold off on doing this until later in the game.

Thank-you for your reply.

Well without giving too much away, it is to do with social networking while at the same time, it doesn't. While it relies on users posting, its sole base isn't around social networking.

What is your experience in freelancers? I am seeing offers for $30 to drive a lot of quality traffic to a website. The employees also have high numbers of great reviews.

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