Today there are many players in market. In this world there is very big competition. Every organization says that we want to capture the whole market. But if there are new players or new businessmen and they want to enter the market but they do not have suffienct money for offline advertsing. The budget is very less for marketing and advertising. So what to do. The best options are submit your business details in local business directories which are free , social networking websites and mails. What are your views .please reply.

Thanks in advance

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Yes social media marketing is best, specially Google+ for the purpose of SEO is best, for example if you want to get traffic on your website then social media marketing is best and if you want to rank higher on google then SEO is ultimate solution.

I agree with kiwistech, no doubt SMO and SEO are the best ways and if you need urgent results then u can use PPC for this.

In. terms of seo we could go for local business listings,map optimization,video optimizations.For social media, creating fan page,google plus business page.

I am a part-time freelancer and I have to say my two most successful responses have been from free advertising like gumtree but they now charge for services advertisements. I am always trying to find new ways to market myself and my business but am struggling to get any work as cant devote enough time to marketing as I do a full time job.

I would really appreciate some guidance on strategies or tactics I should employ to achieve a higher awareness of my business and generate leads

social media like facebook and behance is really good for you because social media can give you brand awareness and keep posting your portfolio.

Local business directories is best way to promote your business. Local business directories target on your local competitor.

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