Has anyone tried to use QR codes to help in traffic generation or facebook likes?

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We currently use QR codes with some of our print promotional materials, but nothing that equates to any hugely significant amount of traffic. QR codes don't really have a tendency to go viral in any meaningful way.

Haven't used yet, but I guess they're a good idea for optimizing your print advertising space. The success also depends on the appeal of the corresponding website page. Remember people who scan QR codes are somehow in a rushy condition, so the landing page should have good calls-to-action.

I use FB likes and QR codes for promotion. I must say that it is really efficient way!!! I'm impressed


I have a few tips on generating and using QR Codes:

1. If you are only going to generate one QR code, make the code using the Text option; the others are less flexible.
2. DON'T use the VCard option; really looks bad.
3. Post it on your web site as well as putting in on all your marketing materials, including packaging.

i think its an efficient way to get more traffic...
it's working for my business.....

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