What type of strategies should be followed in rural marketing?


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What is rural marketing? The opposite of urban marketing?

Maybe you should add more metatags like location or geo.region

I think we should have statistical data for comparing the location and geotargeting wise.

Hi Julian,

I think we are all understanding your question as about GeoLocal marketing, yes?

Some creative ways to start is to work with the business address of the company/website. Oh Mighty Google, at least right now, likes seeing a business as legitamate with a verified physical address. Then the related website is seen as genunine for the community.

Connect with the sites of local businesses you find at an area Chamber of Commerce site.

Additionally, there are many forum/article sites with a local area section. Contribute in those sections both to be findable and to boost your site for local results.



in rural area door to door marketing is best technique i think

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