Hi friends,
I have a own website. I want to increase my business sales and also want to boost my regular customers. I discusses about this with my friends. Some of my friends told me to use loyalty program to increase loyal customers. They said this will increase customers in my business and also the sales.

I don't know what to do. Pleases provide your suggestions based on what is the benefit of integrating the mobile loyalty program into my online business

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It is very hard for us to assist in right way until we are not familiar with your business. Each business needs separate strategy to grow and invite customers.
In general, you should provide that is awesome from your competitors. Customers' satisfaction is very important. If they get satisfaction from your products or services then will refer your business to others.

well, tell you what loyaty programms do help you but it comes at some cost, I'll not suggest you moving forward until ot unless you have grown to that extent rather than try forucsing just on your services, try providing the best services to your users and they will keep working on your pros.

you should firstly clarify what is you online business whcih is focussing on so could be useful to help you but you have see demography that what customer wants than you focus on the particular things ( thank you )

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