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I have a own eCommerce website. For the past few months, the sales is decreased. So, I decided to promote by business in an efficient way. Kindly provide suggestions based on my needs.

You may increase the sales of your website by using the SMO strategies. if your website have Good products for the users then you may need to share these product on Facebook and G+ for the users. they view and like your product and also many of users comes to your website to purchase the product.

I have created Facebook page for my website. Share other marketing techniques.

for ecommerece site would be useful social media and also paid marketing than can be useful ( thank you )

I spent lots of money in social media marketing technique, but it unable to give the expected result. So try to give some different suggestions.

@James, If you are spending with some proper SMO strtegies then you would have got good results. I am running 2 sites and 1 is E-comerce site, I am getting genuinue leads from Social media Marketing.

Better, you can satisfy your customers by offering some discounts and rewards. If you satisfy your customers you can increase the sales.

first of all: don't consider this a website, it's an eCommerce. whether or not it is online, it is, in the first place, a shop, so market it as such.

check who your target clients are (if you sell metal cd's, that'll be headbangers, if you sell cat- and dogtoys, that 'll be pet owners) and market your strategy towards those. make your page's layout both professional and related to the items you sell. for instance: if it's for metal cd's, have a dark background, have a "heavy" name and a logo that could fit any album sleeve. if it is for cat- and dogtoys, add an image of a cat or dog playing with something out of your inventory, just don't overdo it.

decide what you want to invest in it. hanging up a note somewhere "hey, I have a store" won't necessarily draw much customers. they'll need a reason to drop by. this might be that you have a very extended range of articles you sell, that aren't easy to find, let alone all in the same store. of course there are other things to think about: the price, for instance. why would they buy from you if they can get it for half the price in the store they usually buy it?
or the service? how fast do you ship sold items, and can you guarantee that it'll arrive soon, and will never get lost?

a good way to draw new customers is always having some sort of action. distribute vouchers to possible customers, with a 10$ discount on their first purchase over 50$. yes, this 'll cost you, but if it brings in the odd customer, or get people talking about your shop, that 's good for business.

don't forget about how SEO can help you. if somebody googles "buy product x cheap", and you happen to sell producht x quite cheap, it's in your best interest to have your site pop up at the top ten results, instead of somewhere around #15.239. don't use hidden keywords, though. keep the keywords actual text from your page. if you use hidden keywords and big bad Google finds out, your page might be scrapped from the results alltogether.

check among your friends/acquaintances who might be interested, send them a link, and give (as you should every customer) the best service they ever had, and treat them as if they are gods, no matter what you think of them. after all, this might very easily lead to word of mouth, which, even in times where SEO should always be applied, may never be underestimated.

use a link to your eCommerce in your forum signatures, just don't go spamming those fora, because as soon as people think all you do is post to advertise your shop, whether or not this is true, and they might start to dislike it, since they 'll see your shop in the same line of the spamming.

send people you see looking for something specific links to your site, if that is indeed what they are looking for, but, again: don't overdo it.

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you can use fb ads and par per click for increasing your sales as these techniques will definitely help ecommerce websites.

The best practice to increase leads for Ecommerce is through SMO practices with suggesting user expecting product experience and discounts or special features of the product

mindstreak: those only indirectly affect sales. for instance, if your fb profile and page would be spammed with adds for a company that makes nuclear-blast-resistant-baby-socks, would you therefor buy any of them?
all they change is the visibility of the shop, but not always for the good.

Leading to appropriate newsgroups and web page boards, guaranteeing that your web page deal with is always in all posts. Keep in mind not to junk the boards and newsgroups with obvious marketing as that will do more harm than good, just be beneficial and publish solutions to concerns along with your sites deal with in your trademark.
Put your web page deal with in your confident e-mail trademark.
Advertising on relevant sites, such as advertising ad campaigns or more specialized suggestions for example a web page about outfits could suggest your online store that offers t-shirts.
Targeted subscriber list, these should be opt-in details of focused companies and clients that would advantage from your products. Do not junk people, only deliver to those who have asked for information either from your own web page or a list bought from another site.
Search Search engines, protected next.


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I would prefer you to do a competitor analysis first and check what your competitors are doing, what type of websites they are using for the promotion of their website, what type of keywords they are targeting.

Keep yourself active in every area which includes social media, blogging, communities, product submission sites etc.

Use twitter cards services to make best use of twitter for your eCommerce website.

Optmize your website with goiod and user based queries.

In blogging, try to write general articles on the basis of user's interest. Try to write articles in sucha way that readers like it and look for your services that you have shared in the article.

Make good use of hashtags

Try to provide offers, deals and discounts onb yoiur website, keep your users aware about all these updates.

Keep your eye on every area of website prmotion, it will surely lead to goood traffic, sales and conversions.

Well, I would just say for promoting an ecommerce website better would be target all the social media sources rather than targetting search engine, what makes me saying this because when people are on social media sites they are at their comfort zone means if we throw them some super deal I am sure they can't resist themselves without having a look at it. So best is to go social, use the power of hashtags.