Some time ago, while trying to learn python, I stumbled across Via, I found two python courses. They are free to follow, to enroll, and to enjoy.

Since then, I took a refresher course in Linear Algebra, Compiler Design, Algorithms, and Converting from C to C++.

Each course requires about 8 hours per week of concentration. The courses have pdf file handouts and videos.

The difficult part is being able to set at the computer for 8 hours.

I am a senior (age 70+) and I don't want to have a rusty brain.

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I love that site! My son took a music course there some time ago, and though the communication process was a little cumbersome, it was a great experience for a kid who vowed he'd never go to college!

I'd recommend it to anyone. The best part is that you get bragging rights upon completion. (I.E. you get to say, "Of course, I attended Stanford :-)

I am soooo very glad I found this post! Right now my sister is looking for information on this very subject and thanks to this post I can steer her in the right direction. Thank you so much!

Coursera is the best, definitely, but lately I'm browsing through Alison. Not bad at all!

That might help for those who are seeking higher education I guess, because you receive an official certificate proving that you've been learning and that helps when trying to enter a school later on.
As for educational purposes I guess it depends on the person and how much he is able to take from that course.

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