Hello all :)
Some companies have just one domain name pointing to their website. However, some others have many domain names pointing to a single website. In SEO point of view, is it good to have multiple domain names poiting to the same website or one is enough ? And why ?

In my view, I see that multiple websites increase the possibility of the website appearance while searching. In the other hand, I think maybe this can decrease the website rank since the pointer domain name (when it's new) will be ranked 0/10. So what do you think ?

Thank you ;)

It depends. If all domains have the same IP address, Google will simply ignore the redirecting sites by not considering them as links. However, the links pointing to the redirecting websites do have value for the main site. If the redirecting domains are all on different IP addresses, Google will consider them as popularity links and this will influence ranking of the main site in a positive way.

So in all cases, it's not gonna hurts right ?
Thank you

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