Alexa rank is not getting increased for my website.What extra can i do for good alexa rank?,,,please suggest me some tips for this

have millions and millions of people install the alexa spyware (which basically is what it is) and have them surf to your site.

Personally, I wouldn't bother with Alexa ratings all that much. It bases itself on users of the Alexa Toolbar (which is far from everyone), which is only available for Internet Explorer.

Unless you manage to convince the entire world to use only IE (a browser that 'll be taken out of roulation quite shortly, and "replaced" by Microsofts new browser (currently codename Spartan), the numbers don't say very much.

Maybe your site not ranking higher, means that the people visiting your site are used to working with a different (better ? ) web browser.

There are top 10 ways available to increase the alexa ranking, such as:
1. signup for alexa traffic exchange program
2. Be sure to install the alexa toolbar for your default browser such as either firefox,chrome or IE
3. Inserting Alexa widget into browser
4. Encourage your friends, webmasters and all others to use alexa tool bar
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I didn't think Alexa meant much of anything to anything. Search engines don't care about your Alexa ranking and most advertising networks meter your traffic on their own. Any reason you're looking to pump up (well, down) that number?