I am working with a small business. They want to be able to provide users with a discount code that will work one time if the customer signs up for a emailing list. What they have been doing is once they get the email for the form...they have been generating the discount codes and replying to the customer with the code however they are getting slammed with emails for the codes. We want to optimize and stream line the process.

Make so that the codes go out via auto reply;
Make sure that the user can only request the code/sign up to put on the emial list once.

Any suggestions?

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you might want to look at using a service like MailChimp. They have plenty of tools for auto responding emails, coupons, etc. There are quite a few options out there but I've used MailChimp a bit and it's a very good system (I'm not affiliated with them in any way).

Is the issue you are having auto-replying to the emails, is it preventing the customer from requesting the discount code multiple times, or attempting to use the discount code multiple times once it has been requested?

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