We use Differnet Payment methods Like:
Paypal, perfect money, Skrill, Webmoney, EBS.
Suggest us some more Payment Modes where clients should feel More comfirtable with...

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I think, the best bank to treat with is NETELLER, give 5 free virtual cards, and a paid plastic card will reach you till your home adresse.

really I treat with her, I am so comfortable.


We are operating our business worldwide and if you are looking for a payment method that would be the most convenient for your visitors I need to sat that what we have found while working is that one of the most usable payment methods are those: credit card payments, Paypal of course, CashU and Ebanx. One thing that is clear enough I guess for everybody is that PayPal and credit card payments is a must for any kind of business these days.


I am using Skrill. Never have had any problem.

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