Hello everyone! do you have any idea about it? I need a huge number of company data [mobile no., address etc.]. Is there any company which are going to provide this services? Actually my goal is I need a huge number of company data that are related to my services. Is there any online tools or tips by that I can search, Successfully ..?

its better to search on google and do R and D

Do you have any idea about data.com?

I had to find a contact for a company and the usual path didn't work. Since they were on a stock exchange I use Yahoo's Financial web page and was able to make the call. Here's an example. http://finance.yahoo.com/q/pr?s=CSCO+Profile

If I ask something like that then anyone here could you please share something... !

Basically my query was. If I want to get a list of results showing companies along with the contact details for a keyword or key phrase then which method or place do you like to use for searching?

If I understood correctly your queryy, you should use the microdata.

from this list: seokingus.wordpress.com/2016/02/03/lead-with-your-contacts-lists/ i used (and very productive use)))) InfoUSA and Hoovers

If you can use google effective then you can get all kinds of information from Google.

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