What is google panda? Expline me..

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Panda refers to Google Google's new algorithm, the article on low-quality Web site that contains the work. Its purpose is to combat duplicate content site. We can get rid of low-quality content sites, duplicate content, and not useful web site.

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Google Panda is the name of Google Algorithm. When ever Google made major changes in its SERP Algorithm, it refreshes new update.
Google has announced 24th Panda Refresh on 22nd January, 2013 and said that it will made 1.3% impact on Google searches.

google pand is google algorithm.

Google panda is a Google new algorithm that is related to quality content. According to Panda update we should add only quality content in our website otherwise Google might be penalize to your website.

Google Panda is an update on Google's ranking algorithm released in February 2011 which aimed to lower not just the individual page rank of a particular website but the entire website of a low quality websites.

Google Panda is the name of a Google algorithm that aims to improve the relevance of results by focusing on quality content. The algorithm, first launched 24 February 2011 is known to have decommissioned many sites with poor quality content. The name of the algorithm comes from the name of the engineer “Navneet Panda” who introduced this new vision in Google indexing.

The main objective of this algorithm is to fight against websites with poor quality content. Websites that don’t provide added value to the web and those that duplicate existing articles on the web are misclassified by the Panda algorithm.

Google panda is basically the algorithm that is designed to give penalty to the sites or blogs which are posting copied content, phising sites etc.

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