Hello i m new here please tell about seo

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SEO or Search Engine Optimization denotes to any activity performed for the improvement of Search Engine rankings of websites, products, services or other content. It shows unpaid results also referred as ‘free’, ‘organic’ or ‘natural’.
ON page and OFF page are two important factors of SEO.

ON page: Doing changes within the website like url structure, content, metatags, etc. Some techniques include:

  1. Title tag
  2. Description tag
  3. Header tag
  4. Alt tag
  5. URL structure
  6. Robots.txt
  7. Sitemap
  8. Bread crumb Navigation
  9. 301 redirection
  10. 404 broken links
  11. Web content optimization
  12. Internal links, external links, footer links
  13. Home - schema.org

OFF page: Building backlinks for a website in high authority sites. Some techniques include:

  1. Directory submission
  2. Social bookmarking
  3. Profile creation
  4. Business profile creation
  5. Blog commenting
  6. Forum submission
  7. Article submission
  8. PDF submission
  9. Press release submission
  10. Guest blogging

SEO - Simply it is Search Engine Optimizaton which helps to get ranked in Search engines Like GOOGLE, YAHOO, BING. It has two types
ON Page SEO and OFF Page SEO.

SEO:- SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, which is the practice of increasing the quantity and quality of traffic to your website through organic search engine results.
There are two techniques of SEO:-
1) On Page SEO:- On page SEO refers to all the activities performed within the websites to get higher ranking and more relevant traffic from the search engines. On page, SEO is related to the optimization of the content as well as the HTML source code of any web page. Some of its aspects include meta tags, title tags, meta description, and heading tags.

2) Off Page SEO:- Off-page SEO relates to the other aspects that influence the search ranking of websites on the Search Engine Result Page. It refers to the promotional activities, such as content marketing, social media and link building performed outside the boundaries of any web page to improve its search ranking.

SEO mainly work to develop your website which will help you to rank in google

seo stands for search engine optimization. It's meant to promote your website on search engine.
There to types of seo
on page and off page.
in on page we want to permission to login in the website. because the changing in the seo in visible on our webpages.some on page techniques are following
our keywords
our description
image sizes
in off page we have no want to login on website. beacause in off page we promote our website on other high ranked sites.Some off page techniques are following.
blog commenting
forum submission
social bookmarking
profile linking
article submission

HI Friends
These are some ofline tools
Directory submission
Social bookmarking
Profile creation
Business profile creation
Blog commenting
Forum submission
Article submission
PDF submission
Press release submission
Guest blogging