Hi, can anyone please tell me why do you need alt text on your images?

The need of ALT text is to define the description of the content of the file & this tag provide a text alternative for the search engine.

ALT tags are also shown to the website visitor if for some reason their browser doesn't render the image. Screen readers for the visually impaired will read this text, making your image accessible. So, the ALT text does play a role in user experience since it tells the reader what the image is when they can't see it.

You need atl text for image because when crawl your website google bots unable to read images that why we use alt text so that google crawl easily read your image.

commented: I totally agree with you but some people dont realize its importance. +0

Providing an ALT text to image is adding the information to the image so that crawlers of search engines like Google, Yahoo etc can understand what the image is all about. Also it helps images rank in Google Image search results for targeted keywords.