Hi Guys,

I have good amount of links for particular keywords but i don't know why my site not even get ranked in the first 100 positions?

Help me out guys.

You need a concerted effort: on-site and off-site. Put your link in all forum signatures, comment on related blogs and use any chance to actually use your link, without spamming, of course. Then work on creating relevant content on the website. It helps A LOT with SEO. Responsive design, fast loading pages etc. All these help. Maybe you can link us to your website and we could see what else could be improved, to get you some better results.

Not to mention SEO actually takes time, so we're talking at least few weeks, before you see some relevent changes.

Put your site in your profile so members can comment why. Also beware that you are competing with a few million others for the prized top 100. That is, is your site that compelling? Or just another coupon site?

Can you share your website address?