Hello friends...
I need your help...
My website is not ranked on the top..
I want to get my website on the top as soon as possible...
So what can i do, please give me suggestions so that i can get my website on top...
Thank you in advance...

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So what can i do, please give me suggestions so that i can get my website on top...

Post your website ranking then I will make a suggestion.

What keyword are you trying to rank for?

Do you know how to determine your page rank? If not then try typing your url here and enter (it's free by the way). What is your niche? You can try submitting your website to social networking sites, particpate in forums like this one.

Make proper plan for optimize the website. do proper off page activity and on page activity.

Optimize tou website by won or by any expert online marketing company like (www.realitypremedia.com)

You might be follow:
1: Content marketing (Article and Blog)
2: Social Media Marketing
3: Try to get 1000+ high quality back links

Good luck!!

I am also not clear in how to increase the page rank for shopping website. Please help me.

Geta blacklink from the websites which haver higher pagerank then yours, it will help you to get the higher ranking.

Submit Fresh Article, Do Directory submission and even blog comments to get high ranking.

I will advice you to have uniques and quality content on your site. Try to built quality links to your site and also spent some time on social media optimozation. Check your backlink profile and remove low quality links.

If you want to get better rank on your website/blog then doing work on blog commenting, forum posting, bookmarking, article posting and yahoo question answering.

to get better rank, you need to do forum & blog posting and commenting on these, directory submissions, social media marketing, e-marketing, social bookmarking, article submissions, yahoo answers and wiki answers.

Creating blog and posting quality content to that blog really helps to increase your page rank. Putting keywords and backlinks going to your target site.

Doing On-page and Off-page Optimization will help a lot.
Do classified posting, article posting, create social networking profiles, blog commenting, forum posting, directory submission as off page optimization. This will surely help in increase of page ramk.

"Geta blacklink from the websites which haver higher pagerank then yours, it will help you to get the higher ranking."

But i have heard that practicing the above process is not good for a website. Is that true? Getting backlinks from the High PR website is good?

To get batter rank there are lots of features which matter. First of all content of your site must be unique and user friendly. Then target your audiance with appropriate keywords. Do proper onpage for your site and then do quality offpage activities. Sure your site will rank better.

You need to bring your site into top 10 positions .. right ...? Its all about ranking the website nor about increasing the website PR.

Ok !! Try submitting to Social Networking sites , classified submissions, business listings, social bookmarking, Web 2.0's , BLog comment 20 -25 days.

Fair & short Idea !! IF you want to rank your site within 10 days submit your site to 40-50 approved blog comments daily( relevant blog posts).

You can do
1) Article Postings
2) QnA Posting
3) Social Media Marketing
4) Create High PR backlinks
5) Social Bookmarking
This will help you to get better rank.

Dear it will take almost 4 to 6 months according to your keywords current position and the compitition of the keywords. so contineu doing offpage working

Do Proper on page and off page SEO for your website, surely you will get better rank

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