Hi, Dani hope I am on the right place to disscuse some issue with you. Actually I am a freelancer but now I am bigining my own physical bussines in Digital Marketing. So I ahve to hire some Indoor and outdoor employees for my bussiness and I am just worried about the security because I have to secure their personal data. Because many organizations have theri facial recognition system for their securtity. I want just to know that Is this level of security is compulsory for my organition or Not? Can I neglect it
I hope I will get a satisfied answers in your community.

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This can be a legal question so there are a few answers.

  1. Ask your lawyer if such security applies to your business model.
  2. So far NO law I've read demands facial recognition as security so there's no business model for shuftipro.com today. Maybe in the future. In spite of that they will market the hell out out of the idea.
  3. As you want a "satisfied answer" the only answer might be the one from your lawyers. Here I can write that I can't find a law that demands you do this using facial recog.
commented: Thanks for your support, But I just want to know that is this level of security will suite to my organisation or Not? +0

Hi there! :)
Yes, it suite your organization. More likely to fingerprints, it is also good to use for security purposes, especially for someone's identity because every person has it's own and unique facial structure. But for a piece of advice, don't depend on only one security platform. Try to have an alternative way.
That's all. I hope this will be a help. Have a nice day!

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