If you don’t mind I want to ask you some questions regarding ecommerce platforms.

Our team is developing now a new webstore solution (startup) that should be launched in August and I am strongly interested in your opinion, guys.

  1. If you are already using any of eCommerce platforms, what advantages and benefits can make you transfer to another one?

  2. Are you satisfied with support, if it is provided?

  3. What were the main difficulties you come across while building your webstore?

Your opinion really matters and will help me greatly.

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Your opinion really matters and will help me greatly.

I don't think my opinion really matters what platform you are using. The reason is very simple.

If you setup the website and all your code is working then there's not issue.

It's kinda like iffy-iffy when it comes to tech support for e-commerece platform.

They can only assist you only half way.

Hello everyone,
yes i agree with you Lastmitch.

We developed our ecommerce CMS using Zend and adapting the best features from Opencart and Magento. The outcome was a highly reliable, secure and scalable CMS.

However, there's no way our product could compete with Open source CMS's like Opencart, Magento, OScommerce etc. Why? Because you just cannot develop 100s of plugins that meet the requirements of your customers.

We only use our product only when a client's required a bespoke feature/functionality for which a plugin's not available or would take forever to develop one.

Anyway, all the best & good luck.

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