i have made a new chat rooms platform https://www.we-talk.co completly deffirent than others its has bots full features new design web cams etc.. but i have problem in promoting it how can i get traffic ?? and how can i do marketing ?? im new its my first website and thanks in advance

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Hi Fazil! Welcome to DaniWeb. This looks a little bit like a Slack clone? What are the advantages to using it instead of something like Slack?

thx for welcoming me and thx for replying me , its have design like slack but features very deffirents and its have web cams like video confference and animated emoji and so more and its completly free can record audio and upload it in main or in dm and its have multi bots gif and guggy and many more the problem is i dont know how to make marketing or promot it for get traffic

Good to see this forum. Stay conntected.

Keep asking questions. Keep reading "how to promote online" literature. You can find a book at your local library. Books that are approved by the public carry more trust value.

Here is one tip: Get the word out about your site's product.

Put your nose to the grindstone.

Master online marketing.

Can share the adavntages of this platform

Congrats for your new site. Promote your website through social sites like facebook, you tube etc.

Nice website. You have to promote your business via social media platforms. It's helps to you get more traffic.

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