In this modern and complex World Wide Web, a well planned SEO strategy is essential. An appropriate digital marketing strategy can help you to establish your reach to your targeted audience and exploit the untapped market. Google algorithms are improving and advancing with each passing day which means that a few well known strategies of past are becoming obsolete while new strategies are now taking their place. There are also few strategies which are rewarded by Google in terms of ranking while there are some for which you could be penalized. Here are a few of the strategies which can help you to get rewarded by Google by ranking your website higher.

• Building mobile friendly websites.
• Republishing is one of the most underutilized and a rewarded technique by Google.
• High-Quality content will always help you to rank higher.
• HTTPS encryption will assure your customers of a safe environment and will help you increase your organic traffic.
• It is always important to have a strong and relevant backlink.

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I get that you meant this post as a solicitation for your services, but I'll let it pass because it does contain some worthwhile information. However, I want to make sure that people reading this don't get confused when you encourage them to republish. Republishing an article that already exists elsewhere on the web will land you a duplicate content penalty. What Zac is referring to is constantly building upon an article that is on your site with new information and details over time.

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