i want to start my digital marketing agency .i have knowledge about digital marketing but i am confuse how to do work step by step.
what is the step for starting digital marketing for any company.

The best strategic approach is to a successful marketing campaign today is Push/Pull Market Influence: Push your differentiation message out via marketing channels (traditional, digital, social) and then Pull in feedback, buy-in and loyalty from your audience by listening, engaging and creating relationships.
This two-way conversation is much more relational and collaborative than transactional. Push/Pull Market Influence is a slower process but develops deeper, more loyal audiences who are more likely to become brand influencers and ambassadors.
When you reach that level of marketing relationship, the Push is less important (lower external cost) and the Pull (increased internal effort) becomes very powerful.
The benefit to a business is you can control brand image by staying true what got you to this point: being authentically who you are and actively listening to/engaging with your audience.