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What gateways should we offer in our system? The point is that we can take only 3 now. What options will be better? Paypal, 2checkout, Payza?

It's really depend which one is more comfortable to installed.

You always want something easy to implement but if you decide used a different gateway and you don't know / not familiar with it then you will have a some issues with it.


I would suggest following 3:-
1. Paypal (Most popular)
2. Avangate (Best to software selling)
3. 2Checkout


I suggest that you use the gateaway that is most convenient to user's of all part of the globe. In this way you will not be driving potential client away.


Paypal, I suggest! If your client are using other gateway, you should consider getting some statistics.


Well, Paypal is a very bad choice, they stole me like 5000 £.

If you have a marchant bank account, use Ogone / Paymill / Stripe or Braintree.


Stripe, paypal, authorize.net.

Stripe keeps users on the site when checking out and making payment and the money goes right into your bank account. Requires SSL Certificate

Paypal takes users off your site and requires they login to paypal and pay you and then you have to transfer the paypal money manually to your bank.

Authorize.net is a good solution as it accepts credit cards and keeps the users on your website but you have to pay. Requires SSL Certificate

A cheap quick solution is paypal though.

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I would suggest you to choose Authorize net and paypal and Avangate. Users feel comfortable with these payment options.


i will suggest paypal, payza or moneygram as the best gateways to use in your ecommerce site


you could aso use paypal with woocommerce and buy a paypal woocommerce plugin that allows users to stay on checkout page without needing an SSL certificate. Its like 79.00 I believe.

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