I have verified my local business in Google My Business and the local knowledge graph appears in the search results with my site example.com.
My question is that if my domain name is example.com and i create a sub domain like store.example.com, can i get it verified in Google My Business.

Example.com is a delivery and courier website and has a different local address.
Store.example.com is an online store where i sell flower, gifts and more and this sub domain has a different local address.

Thank in advance for the replies.

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I'm going with no. You can google your topic but I think this answer told us why:


Here's the problem; even though your client offers two services, they are both served at one location. Google's way of doing things is to offer ONE business listing per physical location, with a few exceptions such as doctors offices, multiple office locations, etc. In those situations, each business must have unique contact data for each listing including phone, postal, etc.

From what we're seeing by looking at your website, it's not multiple businesses, merely multiple services. Unfortunately, that won't qualify for more than one Google My Business listing

Of course this will upset those that want things to work differently than how Google demands it to be.

My guess, and this is just a guess, is yes, you can, provided that each subdomain has its own property in the Google Search Console and is associated with a different physical address.

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