Helllo everyone :)
This is my first post so, here it goes.
I am a digital marketer for a grocery delivery mobile app operating in Romania, Europe.
My team and I are now in the process of linking our AdWords and Google Play accounts.
This will allows us to serve ads to our current app users, without installing a remarketing tag.
My question for anyone in the forum is:
Is a specific user consent required to serve remarketing ads if a remarketing tag is not installed? And if so, how can we obtain this consent, and select the users who have given it?
Ok so this was 3 questions :)
Hope you guys can help so I thank you in advance.

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Unfortunately I have very little experience with apps (I’m a web girl). My guess is that you need to explain exactly what you’re doing in a privacy policy, and show/have them agree to that policy when they sign up or attempt to log into your app for the first time.

I just looked it up and it looks like you just need to link to your privacy policy from within your app listing in the Google Play store.

As mentioned in my previous post, your privacy policy should outline exactly what you’re doing, and in addition to being attached to your app listing, your users should have an easy way of finding it.

Hey :) thanks so much for the quick reply! Very helpful!

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