Is there any one Know how to Increase Facebook Group member, I meet a new frined on Facebook, He has some good knowledge how to use facebook. But suddenly he shows his Group, In his Group up to 1 lac member over there, But next day he make 2 lacs member. But How could it possible, Does any one know this Trick.

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Ali_42 : don't go for tricks. the tricks in the end bite you in the a**.

yes, it is possible to 'buy' packs of likes, shares, and, most likely, members. but if people find out you have 50.000 members, and there's not a single active member on your page, well …

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Ali_42 : don't go for tricks. the tricks in the end bite you in the a**.

yes, it is possible to 'buy' packs of likes, shares, and, most likely, members. but if people find out you have 50.000 members, and there's not a single active member on your page, well ... they know enough.
and your page will never be taken seriously.

so, how do you increase the number of members.
1. decide what you want to build a page about.
let's face it, a group "Look, funny cat vidz", is far from innovative and brings nothing new. so, good luck. you want to create a page for developers, then make it a page interesting for developers: link to articles about new technologies, frameworks, ...
answer questions, post your own articles (not just copy paste of something you found on the net, but your very own opinion). offer something more compared to the thousands of pages already 'out there', otherwise, why would anyone look at your page ?
2. keep your target public in mind.
do you create a page for developers? then keep the articles more related to development. is it more DBA related? post the latest news on DB's and their innovations. ...
3. decide how to advertize your page
just because you create a page, doesn't mean people will flock on it, and you'll have thousands of members overnight. main reason: nobody knows it exists. so, send membership-invites to people you know would be interested to help your page grow, and are able to provide a valuable contribution in texts, opinions, ...
don't just go spamming links with texts "click and like, please" in pages that are about the same topic. you do this, you'll quite quickly be labeled "spammer" and banned from those pages. instead, become a member of such pages, and actively contribute to those pages. if your contributions are good, people will become curious about you, and look up more ab out you, including your page(s). it's also easier to invite people if they know you actually are serious. if there's a question asked on one such pages, related to the technology about which there's an article on your page, add a link to that article as reply on that thread. don't overdo it, though, since that's the spamming again.
4. don't rest on your laurels
just because you have a great number of members, doesn't mean you shouldn't put in the work to keep those members. a good page stays up to date, and provides new content very often.
work together with people, don't try to do it all on your own. moderating a page on your own is good if you have about 10 members, but when you have 10K members, one moderator, or one contributor, is way to little.
5. keep it organized
let's face it. again, if a group has just a few members, rules are not needed, but if you want to have a lot of members, you should have rules.
make sure the rules are known to all, and keep them fair.

another good idea would be linking to that page on a page on which you apply SEO (don't know whether this is possible with facebook pages). having your page show up on top of the google search results, that 'll gain you a lot.

but, don't go into the "buy members/likes/shares" crap. having your page saying you have 25.000 members is irrelevant if you don't have any actual members. even worse: several companies (among which Google) have declared war on such tactics: they consider it 'cheating'.
if you do this, and they find out, you'll never get your page in the google search results again.

But basically recently We create a Group on Facebook but Next day we make 100000 member, I think if anyone can do it, why we should not try it. but in 6 hour's he make, It sounds Great to seen the Group, Also if I post there anything my post Get average like upto 500, These are not sleepy member that's why make the thread,
here you can check the example of this Group

my point is: chances of that happening are about a million to one on a normal way. don't expect that many members on the first day.

if your friend has done that, chances are, he used a "buy members/likes/..." pack, which eventually will come back to haunt you, as I've explained in my previous reply.

I just checked the page you linked to. it has 0 contents, there is not a single use for it, really. it's just a "hey, I'll post my pic, you wanna date with me, like, no haterzzz pleeze" page.

almost every single member there is a 'sleeping' member. they don't contribute anything, and the only reason that doesn't really show, is because there is no content to compare them to. five replies a day, stating "nice pic", doesn't really make you an active member. the page is rather a hype, in which the members sooner rather than later will loose interest.

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