Anyone of you can check my website and let me know that how i've done its designing and its seo is good or not? Should i carry on with some links at the backend strategy or you guys can suggest me some tools.

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You wrote in another discussion:

I suggest you to use some tools for that purpose like ahrefs and Moz.

Are you reporting these are not very good or something else? To me your post could be spam.


I checked out your site: Way, way, way too many third-party Javascript + jquery libraries. Horrible for SEO. Horrible for site usability.


Those are well-known analytics tools, but they take knowledge and experience to know how to interpret the data and make it actionable.

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Your SEO overall score is 43/100.
You have added your own internal link as External. e.g must be linked as /about-us at backend
You haven't define any keywords
Headings are not proper placed
You have no social interaction

hope this will server the purpose. Let me know if you have any other question

You have added your own internal link as External.

What do you mean? It's fine for internal links to reference the complete URL (beginning with https://) instead of just a relative URL. I don't think Google treats the URL any differently. I might be mistaken, but I don't believe so, as long as you aren't switching between http<->https or www<->non-www.

That being said, it does add a little bit of overhead in terms of HTML file size if you keep repeating the full domain for every internal link.

commented: by adding as internal link actually you are guiding google about your site structure. +0

Site streamlining is the way toward utilizing devices, progressed procedures, and tests to improve the presentation of your site, further drive more traffic, increment transformations, and develop income. Quite possibly the most basic parts of site enhancement is site design improvement (SEO).

by adding as internal link actually you are guiding google about your site structure.

I don't believe this is accurate. Google knows it's an internal link because the domain is the same whether or not it's presented in the HTML as relative or absolute. The benefit to using a relative URL structure is that you're not repeating a million times in your HTML code for every internal link, thereby bloating your HTML file size and download time.

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From the beginner point of you, you've done great work, but as far as SEO is concerned it is continuous ongiong process so keep it up.

how to build link mass correctly

I have checked you website. The site seems initally but you need hard work to
make it more better. I will suggest taking help of a SEO expert as I saw many
loopholes in your site.

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