Hi guys,
I've facebook page and it has more than 200 likes and now i want to the change name of the page but it is not allowed if we have more than 200 likes
So is there any alternate way to do

Thank you

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ehm ... create a new page, refer to that page on the existing one, and announce you won't be updating the old page.

It is too difficult to change your facebook page name after 200 likes. So this session wanna helps you to change your facebook page name. You can put a request to facebook through the admin panel. If your request is granted then you can change the name of your facebook page. Just follow the below steps:

  1. Go to "Admin Panel".
  2. Then select "Edit Page" then "Update public info".
  3. Go to "Basic Info" Section and go to Name about.
  4. select the Request Change link.
  5. Check the ‘I understand the formatting guidelines for my Page’s new name’ box.
  6. Select the appropriate option under ‘Your Page name currently represents’
    Check the ‘I would still like to change my Page name. I have documentation to demonstrate this change’ box.
  7. Now enter ‘Your Desired Page Name’.
  8. Plese choose the reason from the drop down list, why you want to change your page name.
  9. Upload your appropriate documentation such as a utility bill or phone bill.

I'm not finding basic info section
Please can you tell me more specific

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