Mention roundup of most popular result driven digital marketing strategies.

Oodles_1 commented: As 2019 is approaching, digital marketing landscape that encompasses SEO, social media, PPC, content marketing and more is witnessing a dramatic shift +0

Strategies remain the same:
-site, SEO, e-mail newsletters;
-mobile marketing: applications, mobile versions of the site;
-CRM systems: customer data;
-IT systems: Internet portals;
-End-to-end analytics: web analytics, srm-analytics, a built-in chain that completely allows you to understand the marketing of your company.

Greater personalisation for users, every user wants to feel special so personalised offers or services as per user will improve your crm

GIF's are a good way to attract and engage audience of all age and race. These are small animations that lasts for a few seconds. These are highly used for marketing. The more creative and eye-catching the concept is, the more viral it gets.
Engagement through videos are best bets.

day by day we have so many changes in this digital masrketing. taking those updates and applying in realtime is current trend. social media is one of the major digital marketing technique everyone use. with social media promoting and branding of products is easy and impact is high.

The latest trend in Digital marketing trend is

**Voice Search

**Blockchain strategies

Mobile first indexing etc...

I think the next big thing is to sign up for forums with a female name and fake avatar and make nothing posts with links to shit websites that like they were created with badly farmed content.

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There are so many things changed in digital marketing day by day. You have to follow digital marketing leaders like neil patel, search engine land and many more. They will provide you sufficient and useful details.

I think it's really important to choose social media strategy to grow brand presence and awareness.
As we can see Instagram is the most popular nowadays.

You have been digital marketing for the following reason. Digital marketing will be Never the same trend. According to time, it will change.
One of a one Social media particular activity
The latest keyword on SEO
Smartphone on trending for marketing, applications, email
CRM systems
Web technology
Artificial Intelligence Is Revolutionizing the Digital Marketing

The most important trend in digital marketing is the

voice search
VR etc.....

What I personally feel is optimizing for mobile traffic and voice search is the biggest trend for getting free traffic from Google

Greater personalisation for users, every user wants to feel special so personalised offers or services as per user will improve your crm

Digital Marketing has now become a diverse topic. Every strategy is not applicable in every niche. E-commerce require different marketing strategies than app marketing strategies. It all depends upon the niche of your business. The application of strategies depends on the type of niche.

In Sector of digital marketinglatest trend right now is artificial intelligence. Machine learning algorithms uses for conmtent optimization and internal link optimization, Google adword being considered AI algorithms. In search engine optimization activites will workaccording to the google updates will work accordinly. If i Talking about Activites of on page and off page activites not enough changes in submissions and Bookmarking, Articles, blogs, press releases.

we thing social media marketing and pay per click advertising is best for cuurent trend for inbound marketing for any scale of business.