I have created a football news website. i have added it to all search engines with a programme call web CEO.(which is very good). luckly i am on every major search engine (no1 on msn under footy). but can i get visitors! can i hell some days its 200 another day its 30 is this normal ?.

and how the hell you get people to join forum? i post on there most days we have 50 members now in 4 weeks ( i think is poor). any suggestions please?

50 members in one month is pretty good. Imagine if you could get each of those to post daily ... or even get half to post daily. The trick is to make the site interesting enough to get them to come back and tell their friends. Don't get discouraged, you're doing good!

As Dani says, it all takes time. The sites you hear of that are an overnight success are few and far between, and even those take a little longer than 'overnight' to make it :)

Stick with it, sounds like you are pushing all the right buttons at the moment. If the content is good and the community feeling can be built upon, the site will continue to grow organically.

Thanks for your advice and help. But something has Drastically gone wrong :cry: my visitor rate has dropped so much much its embarssing to say. so what im asking is how do i get the rate back up to its original hit rate. and also i am very basic to this web stuff lol. yet very proud of my new updated version of my site. so basicly i keep reading post and people mentioning SOE how do i get this programme? or how do i use it. remember im very new to this.

I took a look at your site and forums. A friend was standing over my should and we both were amazed at how many forums that you have.

I would recommend dropping the number until you build a larger community. You can then have people recommend more forums. Until then, the conversations are going to be too spread out.

we still have text links space on << url snipped >> let me know if you are interested.

You have list of forum sub-topics, right-now it is not at all necessary try to minimise them or use them wisely. If you are the only webmaster then it would be difficult for you to handle it in near future.

Dedicate each, for some specific purpose such as first aid, precautions, do & don't, players info and many more....
This may attract your forum members.:)