Does anyone know of a Video CMS... Gallery style, like youtube or google video, but not as complex...

Basically people can sign up, upload videos and they can see how many hits they have got, people can comment and rate the movie too :)

Anything out there?

Thanks in advance guys!

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Try out gallery scripts. For example, if you use vBulletin, I think there is a robust photo gallery / file upload database at vBulletin.org. I'm sure the same is available for most other forum systems.


Oh my goodness ... there's something that does just what you're asking, but I don't remember their name off the top of my head. It's driving me crazy now.


I don't know if you've decided yet but PHPMelody has just released their 1.4 version.

I downloaded my upgrade yesterday and it's GREAT! Lots of new features and a slightly better look.



Does anyone know of a video cms like php melody but with built in subscription functionality, so that paid members can get exclusive content?



You should email their support team. Perhaps they can help you with this modification themselves. they are a helpful bunch :)

php melody is great and their support is also reliable :)

P.S. i don't know if there are any such CMS applications that support this feature.


I really think you should be choosing this fresh youtube clone ClipCenter for any type of filesharing.. I'm very happy with them, bought the Premium 2.1 release 1 month ago and never had any problems.
Installed the youtube software on sacitube.com , and i disabled the Photo and Audio section from admin panel, very easy.


wow, great thread.
Looks like you are looking for a Digital Asset Management solution?
Imagine what the movie studios use for their CMS!


Another video CMS solution which has just launched is MediaCore.

MediaCore is a open source video, audio, and podcast publishing platform. It is built for organizations who wish to distribute media in a variety of formats on their website while still maintaining the ability to control the user experience. You can check it out at getmediacore.com.

MediaCore is open source and is built upon Python 2.5, MySQL 5, and TurboGears.

Really cutting edge stuff.

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