1.I have a free flash games website and need to promote that and get trafic any suggestion where to promote that.

2. Going to launch a Freelancer website so freelancer can have project accourding to there skills and buyer can select the best and buyer accourding to his/her. So where to promote that so it get some good results as I know that to start this website I need to do great promotion , optimizationa and web marketing.
So any suggestions.......

Thank you all for your time.

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Look into promoting your site on google adsense and adwords. Add your sites to link exchange programs and post on forums like this one with the websites in your sig.

I have found that http://www.adbrite.com/ can offer you a lot of links for just a few dollars a month. You will have to shop for sites that offer a 7 or 30 day recurring ads but you can find some sites that offer these for around .30 cents a month. This will not get you a lot of traffic but will get the word flowing, and thats the best ads you can get, I mean word of mouth.

Google is also a good place because even if you buy keywords that do not get any searchs ran on them, Google still sends out your ad to tons of sites and in e-mails. So, you can bid on keywords that don't get much play, and as long as your ad is eye catching you'll still get good strong traffic.

also I forgot to let you know that if you do a search of flash games and funny videos you will find some of the top sites for flash games. Most of these sites have link exchages and content submit forms and they will add you to their networks for free.

Dude never try to promote an arcade site with pay per click such as adwords or yahoo overture. You'll only throw away your money. I think the best way to promote your game site is to start exchange links with other webmasters. heh, you can start by putting up your website as signature here. If you decide to spend any money at all, try buying links from adbrite or personally contact a webmaster.

I run an arcade site my self, and I can tell you from experience that the best way is Exchanging Links.

Using link exchange with more arcade site.

I strongly recommend you to join local groups and meetups that cater to your niche, like Flash animators or Digital Producers, or some group like that. Then when you create a profile, include information about yourself and your game on your intro. Even at meetings, take this opportunity and talk about it. Plug and Plug away.

use the adwords system

As per relevancy try to promote it in games related resources and for more traffic share it in social networking websites.

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