I am a newbie here, I used to be a programmer in my previous career. been out of touch for a long time. so I need some help. I have this need to create a website (to sell my services, of course) which will allow a sub group to create a community of it's own. Similar to Google Groups... not that comprehensive.

I run a apartment locator service. as a bonus to apartment and condo communities to list their rental properties with me. I would like to provide condos/apartment owner associations a small community of their own on my website. should be theme based. with some default text and stuff.

Now how do I go about doing this? which are the best tools? What do I call this sort of a site?

Thanks in advance


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The reason why your thread hasn't gotten too many replies (so far) is because your question is pretty vague. It's basically a "what is everything I need to know to get started" type of thing.

For starters, I will assume that you're not a web developer, and will therefore need to use a preexisting application - The problem is that you will most likely need to hack whatever you end up with (unless you outsource development work) because I don't know of any preexisting software that lets you do exactly what you're asking. However, with not more than a week's worth of development work, vBulletin or phpBB should both be able to handle the task.

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