What are some techniques that my forum can use to entice people to link to us?

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Banners, Free Tech Support, Programming Languages, Etc.
Look for some top100 sites, for tech support and list in, let people check us out.

Most tech support and programming forums don't offer a forum where you can post your site as it is considered spam. It seems only webmaster forums offer such as "member site showcase" forum, etc. As far as banners, we do offer a Link To Us link in the footer of all our pages. I don't know / think many people notice or click on it though.

Maybe a side frame might solve that? I haven't noticed it as well.

You can try www.ipagerank.com

I've had good luck getting quality themed links from my participation there.

There's a "showcase" section at The Forum Zone...the link is in my sig.

There's a pc support/hemp forum I post at that's very active:


I've got some links to my site from posts I've made there.

Hope some of these help!

Well I would suggest exclusive content like articles and latest development say for example in the world of SEO, that is the best way to make sure other sites link to you, interesting articles are discussed all over. As far as link exchange programmes are concerned I have never really had much of a luck with any of them, its the targetted traffic that counts.

I go around to other related sites and email them asking to link exchange, tell them what your site offers and stuff.. Then when you have quite a bit of affiliates linked, other sites might see it and email you for link exchanges.

Just search your website's keyword plus "add link" in any search engine, then click each one to add your link on it.

Unfortunately I've noticed that usually doesn't offer a very high quality selection of sites. :(

well having a link to us link all the way at the bottom of the forum is kind of like saying "hey im hiding this from you but i want you to use it alot!". putting it down there is working against its purpose. I personally always create a link to us block on my site's index page and provide them with banner html code or just plain text html code for linking. It makes it more obvious and i think more people will be willing to then;)

Just search your website's keyword plus "add link" in any search engine, then click each one to add your link on it.

A usefull tip, thanks.

Very nice and usefull. thanks. Using ipagerank now.

Try using Spocka.com, they have a great link exchnage platform.

i have a quick question. lets say i use the link to this site like the one on this site. how would that benafit my site?

By using any search engine enter your website's keyword with "add link", then click each one to add your link on it.and using properly use seo optimization technique for the website .

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