I have some Knowledge in SEO and working for some website. But i was wondering that how effective are the automated back link building software ? And if they are really effective then why everyone like to create back link manually ? Can you suggest some automatic link building software ?

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auto link builders link farms link exchanges
are effective in getting the site black-listed

build the links manually, get accepted
too easy

I'd suggest you avoid any artificial link building strategies altogether and concentrate on developing better content and optimizing your web pages. The search engine knows how to detect most forms of off-site manipulation. You'll acquire more and better rewards by allowing any off-site influence to occur naturally (as a result of your outstanding content).

www.submitterbot.com is one of the automated link building software which I have used but not get that much benefited.

you definitely want to avoid using this type of software. especially with all the new updates to de-clutter SERPS of these types of things.

Never use software to create backlinks . This part of black hat seo .I will not suggest to create backlinks using software

Using automated software for link building is always very risky. Secondly it does not produced desired results because relevancy among your site and where it submits decreases, which is not beneficial at all.

Very ineffective and spammy. Manual link building is the way to get top placement.

just do it manually. safe and sure.

Never Use Automated software, because:

It is not able to find suitable category.
In directory submission, the information to be submitted will be same for all directories. It should be change after 40-50 submissions.

If you have an e-mail several times with almost the same content as on the link exchange, came to ask, you can understand that there is a link building software is shipped. These emails may be ignored.

Very ineffective and spammy. Manual link building is the way to get top placement.

I agree with you. Manual Link building is the best approach.

But the main reason for using automated link building software is to save time, most link building software speeds up the process of attaining links on social media sites like social bookmarking platforms and blogs relating to your position.

commented: suggest you read the google webmaster guide, it is very definite on the results of automated link building, very definite and extemely negative -3

i never use any automated software for website submission. just submit your site manually in all off page strategy.

Actually I am not recommended about automatic link building techniques. I can't see what the real benefits of that. Even my rank was drop after a few week when used that!

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